Big ass land o' kitbashes

Contained herin are kitbashes done by Zabgoth himself when he can find some spare time from drinking and fist fighting with police officers. Enjoy them and be awed!

Contained herein are Kitbashes of established characters from across the transformers mythos, no matter how loosely, every character here has appeared in TF media somewhere.
Dragonforce remakes. A fellow kitbasher by the name of Transbot9 runs a site of his own works. The first link is to his page, and the other two are works of his that Zab has finished and improved upon.
Fan based characters. This section is for characters made by fans of the TF mythos and Zab has been gracious enough to create a figure of. Are you now wanting a figure of your own? Drop the master a line and see what he can do.
Miscellaneous. herein is contained odd kitbashes that really don't fall into any other catagory.