Zabgoth's friggin' figures!!!!!!!
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Custom Figures!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, your liege Zabgoth is also an artist! Contained herein are figures of unparalled quality wrought by Zabgoth's own hands. Should you wish for a duplicate of one, or a wholey new commision, contact Zabgoth at through the e-mail two pages previous and perhaps you may be able to.

Magneto, current ruler of Genosha, king of the mutants, is shown here in many of his incarnations and related characters. Now why couldn't Toy Biz do them this well? Always expect more here.
The Age of Apocalypse. Figures of characters from that infamous parallel reality that sold so many comics.
Amalgam. Yet another parallel reality.
X-Factor.Showcased here are pics of various members throughout X-Factor's history. Mutant X will be shown here soon as well.
But wait, there's more! Y'don't get out that easy. Click here for more figures and some video game characters.