Zabgoth's Page Of Mayhem!!!!
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Follow Zabgoth to insane divinity!!!!
From whence Zabgoth came, and has went.....

On the 7th day God rested, on the 8th day Zabgoth crashed the party. He appeared on a mountain top near the garden wearing nothing but his trademark trenchcoat and a loin cloth, so as not to make Eve enamored and disrupt human development. Anything he did before then is unknown. In his time he has run afoul of many deities, though never did they stay mad at him for long. They realized much like them, Zabgoth can't die. He is akin to a force of nature. Though they realized if they do not bother him Zabgoth won't cause to much trouble as he has some sense of honor and humor. He has been known to spend much time with Loki, Norse god of mischeif, as they have similar goals and much in common. Eventualy Zabgoth discovered like minded individuals and formed The Cult of the Fist. The current roster is as follows:

-The Vizier of Destiny. Formerly the Vizier of Fate. Vizier of Zarak on occaision. Even more occaisionally The Vizier of All and Nothing, and sometimes now even GonzoDuke0. Steadfast ally. Right hand to Zabgoth, and has followed him into the Dominion of Monkeys (DoM). Has dedicated his potential, totality, and overall self to Zabgoth's cause and his cult's misson of anarchy and proactive nillism. Quoted as saying such nonsense as "Damn your overies!"

-Lady StarShooter. Fiery temptress. Daughter of Straxus, High priestess of Cthulhu, and mistress of swordplay. In a cult of bastards and sociopaths, she holds her own quite nicely. Be wary! Also a DoM member.

-Lady Sionyx. Dimesionally displaced newcomer to the CotF. Quite the scrapper in her own right, She is a welcome addition.

-Lady Lynx. One of the co-leaders of the Icebreakers. A canadian G.I. Joe based group, they have taken Zab in as an Icbreaker outlaw. Known for her sultry use of maple syrup and her hockey and liquer bloodlust, she complements the rest of the CotF quite nicely.

-Lady alleycat. Also DoM. Mysterious and aloof, she has found her way into the fold. Hails from the same great frozen north as Lynx.

-Shadow Panther. A.K.A. Mr. Happy Meal. Dastardly bastard. Known to cause trouble and flame posting boards with little or no provocation. Now runs the realm of ICOM with some help from Zabgoth.

-Lady Firefly. Colleage of Starshooter's from ancient Cybertron. A troublemaking femme bot in her own right.

-Lightslayer. Ninja like warrior fueled by dual sparks. Zabgoth's partner during a campaign of revenge towards Cybertron.

-Icefang. Weird cleancut looking mook. Having met Zab won his way into membership. Also DoM.

-Roadbuster. Culinary master. Known for making rumcakes and them dropping them in toilets undigested. Also DoM.

-The Nubby Thumb. A stubby demonically possessed digit known for posting on the discussion forum.

-Prime's Spare Tire. Just some mook from back in the day, now returned once more into the screaming oblivion that is Transfandom. He doesn't enjoy it anymore than you do.

-Deathscythe Hawk. A wandering mook of many names that Zabgoth has crossed paths with many times. Co-founder of the DoM.

-Waylander The Slayer. The Prince of Assasins and cold hearted bastard that likes strong wine. Co-founded the DoM as Unholy62.

-Dr. Archeville. Insane cybernetic mad scientist. known for making all sorts of freakish creatures, most known for flying monkeys trained in the use of firearms. Also DoM.

-The Red Salimander Zaruga. Tony the Janitor to his friends. Cold blooded, amphibious, and tyrannical overlord of the 3 3/4" Action Theater. Cleverly disguised as a janitor among his masses to further their suffering. Enjoys dressing like Zorro on occaison.