CotF Newsletter #4
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Fist!!! Monthly!!! Issue 4: Lord Hasbro vs. REAL TransFormers fans

***Welcome to The Vizier of Destiny's quote of the month***
Warning: ***The following is a flame addressed ONLY to Event Horizon*** "Look you damn piece of newbie shit, if u wanna ask a quadrillion stupid questions I'll answer your sinning queries-- and i'm happy to do it since it's obvious if u venture to a place like Ben-boy Yee's board and pose them there, the vast majority of Beast Wars fankidz are all mother-fucking little turds that don't know a piece of monkey crap from darqmatter and couldn't properly answer your personal uncertainties if they used Perceptor's brain and tried. But if u come onto a BBS like this one and give some fucked up line such as 'without my mommy called HASBRO no Transformers would be available for bath-time play', I can't decide whether to laugh at u or to nuke your digital ass to kingdom come. It's sinfully obvious u need serious wake-up lessons in Transformers, and the fact that we spent these past few weeks EXPLAINING the god-damned origins of Transformers and u somehow MISSED it all tells me to kick your Beast Wars-lovin' dumphole off the wWw thru unthoughtful means now that you've finished telling Transfandom that your a *completely* ignorant idiot. Unlike otherz, I am NOT greenpeace you stupid X-rated transfic ball-sucking CHILD; and unlike otherz, I am currently attempting something so fucking 'unauthorzed' against Lord Hasblo, that if i am caught it will mean 20 years in federal lockup on charges of criminal electronic conspiracy. So instead of taking up already useless bandwidth across this board, go ass-fuck your Cheetor and pray I don't decide to become so disturbed at your insipid post that i have 30 RL government-payed 'Sweeps' come to your door and get all primal on your ass. No personal offense intended toward u, fellow transfan......-decepticon."
(This months AWESOME FUCKING QUOTE comes from a post on by -decepticon in response to a dumb ass question by Event Horizon. Is it not filled with Fury and Hate and Anger? I commend you -decepticon.)

Greetings fellow Transfans. I have a very contreversial issue to talk about today. That issue is the company known as Hasbro. These fucking theives are what we would call scalpers. They bought the rights to Transformers, one of the greatest cartoons and toy lines ever produced. Once Lord Hasbro had their greedy, money grubbing corporate fucking hands on this goldmine, they took advantage of it. They started producing really shitty toys and fucked up shows. Now, i aadmit that i am no expert on Transformers. You would have to talk to people like -decepticon and our most Magnificent of Bastards, Zabgoth. But i am just going to state how i feel on this subject. I am SICK of all of the best things going corporate. many little shops owned by true comic readers can you find today? Not many. I live in area where I can go to either That's Entertainment (a cold corporate owned company with people who don't even know shit about comics except for the titles work there. Also a place where there are no friendly discussions or tables to sit and read or play games such as AD&D or Magic: the Gathering are.) or Golden Comics (owned by a great guy named James who reads as many comics as he can. And the people who work there know what the fuck they are talking about. And there are tables where you can sit and read or play games and we can have friendly discussions with the workers and we often order pizza and watch Anime). Out of those two choices, which one do you think sounds like a much better place to go to? If you said That's Entertainment then you deserve to be eaten by pigeons. Also, Hasbro has taken Transformers and ripped it apart. It is now targeted to little kids who only care about the cool looking graphics of Beast Wars. it is no longer about the REAL fans. Fucking Hasbro has made it so that the BW fankidz go out and buy these flashy toyz that cost an arm and a leg to begin with. All Hasbro has in mind is money. What can we do you ask? well...I would suggest that you talk to Black Zarak of the Cult of Zaraks. He has an idea that could work if enough of the REAL fans worked together. He and the Zaraks are trying to buy enought of Hasbro's stock so that they can bend it to their will or sell it to Takara. that you know what can be done.....DO SOMETHING. Let the the Cult of the Fist and the Cult of Zaraks destroy those who would oppose us. Corporations should burn and will under our feet. Let the Hate and Anger within come out upon those such as Hasbro. Join the Revolution.