CotF Newsletter #1
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Fist!!! Monthly!!! Issue 1: JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!

***Welcome to the Vizier of Destiny's quote of the month***
Get your mind-toasting drugs away from me! I'm a journalist damn your ovaries!
(This months quote was said by Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan #18)

Welcome Heretics and Excommunicated, to the first issue of Fist!!! Monthly!!!. I would like to take a minute and tell you the purposes of the Cult of the Fist. We live by three simple words. HATE!!! FURY!!! ANGER!!! Why do humans as a people feel that the rage inside us all must be supressed. I'll tell you why, because of a government that is only here to serve the purposes of who? the people? NO, they are in office to serve themselves. We as American citizens do not need such people running our lives and determing what is right and wrong. I feel that if we are to rise up and take power back there must be a Revolution. We did it back in the 17 and 18 hundereds when first the British government sought to rule us with there iron grip and also we found the need to fight against each other during the Civil War when the Southern and Northern governments began feuding over what was right for the people. They seemed to be fighting for the rights of the people but no, that is not the truth. The truth is they were fighting over who should maintain dominance OVER the people. We live in a democracy? I think not. More like a Hierarchy. The Dictionary says that a Hierarchy is a body of persons organized or classified according to rank, capacity, or authority. Hmmm....makes you wonder doesn't it. Let's see what a Democracy is. A Democracy is a government by the people, excersized either directly or through elected representatives. Well, that should say it all...We are a Hierarchy in that social status determines the amount of power but we are the people who elect them. But then again there are always Bribes. So in effect, the people with more money (or higher social class if you will) decide the outcome of elections. If you can't see what i mean then i feel truly sorry for you. Now that i clarrified that, i beseach you to Join the Revolution. Join with the Cult of the Fist. Once this foul system of government is destroyed then maybe we can all finally live in true peace. Let your anger and rage control your actions...they are also your true instincts. Follow your instincts. Only through violence will change be made. You know in your heart that this is true. We are your outlet for that rage and violence. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!!